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Wollflex Overview

Wollflex Overview

A multinational financial organization called Wollflex offers brokerage services in 147 different nations. Due to its extensive functionality for trading and investing in global markets, the company is a well-known name in the worldwide arena.

Thousands of customers use the company’s services regularly all over the world (more than 640,000 users have opened investment accounts for personal use). Users are consistently increasing, which provides fairly compelling evidence of the company’s dependability.

The ongoing progress in the direction of cryptocurrencies stands out among the extra benefits of Wollflex. Wollflex is actively integrating cryptocurrencies into its operations, although the majority of well-established brokers continue to focus on the traditional markets (stocks, currencies, CFDs, and precious metals) and do not consider other approaches.

For instance, one of the first stock brokers to allow cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals were Wollflex. For active trading and storage, the broker also has a wide selection of tokens and digital coins. Additionally, for the convenience of its users, the broker has created a custom trading platform that combines both traditional assets and modern advancements in the form of digital currencies.


Trading platforms

Broker Wollflex clients have several options for working on the website. The most common technique uses a web terminal, which operates in browser mode and doesn’t need to be installed on the device. Wollflex offers an iOS and Android-based mobile application for those who enjoy trading from portable devices.

Customer support

Wollflex, like every other significant broker, has a global user support division. Specialists from Wollflex are distinguished for their high level of competence and quick response to incoming customer requests.

Five different languages are used to serve customers by the technical department, which operates around the clock.

Advantages and disadvantages

Wollflex is in great demand among users of financial markets for a reason.
Among its main advantages are:

  • Several trading terminals
  • the presence of regulators;
  • trading tools with a wide range of functionality;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • ability to trade cryptocurrencies;
  • trading account segregation service;
  • financial advice from company representatives;
  • simple registration and account verification format;
  • low entry threshold;

A few disadvantages of the Wollflex broker:

  • Inflated spreads for precious metals;
  • Periodic price slippage and requotes
  • limited maximum account of $1.5 million;

Feedback: Is the Wollflex broker reliable?

Given all the resources and trading options Wollflex offers, it is challenging to cast doubt on its dependability. The business is accessible and growing quickly, as befits a top-tier broker. Based on all available information about the broker and data from unbiased sources (forums covering investing-related topics and working with brokers), the following can be distinguished:

  • The broker currently has over 600,000 customers.
  • average annual trade turnover of $36 billion;
  • high average percentage of profit;
  • high speed of order execution;
  • Low risks;
  • Multicurrency trading accounts

Along with positive information and reviews, the following dissatisfaction with the company also occurs:

  • a small number of bonus programs;
  • floating spread;
  • lack of referral programs;


In conclusion, it is important to note that Wollflex is not acting in vain when it describes itself as a top-tier broker, and all the evidence points to this being a trustworthy business. We received a rating of 9.2 out of 10 after taking into consideration the broker’s average rating from unbiased sources, which already suggests that the broker may be trusted.


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  1. Overall, I had a good trading experience with this broker. I am getting a good return on my investment. And they promptly satisfy my trading needs.

  2. With regards to withdrawals, there are no delays or anything like that, as well as hidden fees

  3. I have been working with this broker for a long time and have not encountered any problems. The platform is very convenient and simple, the signals are excellent, the staff is polite

  4. Reliable broker with no hidden fees or charges and fast execution. Highly recommend!

  5. What to guess which broker is better? It’s easier to register with one, see what it offers and try to trade, following this principle, I met Wollflex, came to them with a couple of hundred forever greens, and now I have a little more than $ 4,000 on my account. Of course it took a decent amount of time, but I’m satisfied. It was possible to earn money thanks to good conditions and a large selection of financial instruments. Overall broker 10 out of 10

  6. One of the fairly good brokers who have the opportunity to work with various international platforms on a legal basis. I don’t really like trading commissions, I wish they were smaller. There are no other serious comments to the broker.

  7. Not every broker can boast access to so many exchanges, especially American ones.

  8. I have been with Wollflex for a year now. They are like brokers – well done guys. Of course, not without drawdowns, but in most cases I am in the black. For this I appreciate them. Now it’s difficult to find a broker who doesn’t just take money from you and squander it in one moment, but takes money and works with it for mutual enrichment.

  9. When I started trading forex, transactions could be done over the phone. I have been spinning in this world for more than 10 years. For all this time, I have not met with any Forex kitchens! Of course, I heard about Wollflex, but somehow I didn’t go in. Then I saw an ad and decided to register. I opened an account with them, I prefer long-term trading. I study fundamental and technical. analysis. Yes, regardless of experience. Yes, you need to do this all the time. The broker, in general, makes money. Trade terms are observed. I read many reviews from those who left, and then returned to this broker again. Well, that probably means something! Often it is not the broker’s fault, but the wrong approach.

  10. Experts will advise on any issue. Clean, and decent. They call, they are interested in business, but they are not imposed. There are a couple of comments, and the broker is not bad.

  11. Of course, there are pluses and minuses, but in general the broker leaves a positive impression of itself. One of the main advantages is the opportunity to enter the world markets.

  12. Money is withdrawn promptly. We can say that one of the top brokers today

  13. Quality service with customer care. Too bad we don’t have our own bank. The employees are knowledgeable and competent. I recommend contacting the consultants in this company with any question.

  14. The company has room to grow, but as a trader, the company gives me everything I need

  15. A good broker, however, there are hundreds of them on the world market. There are some pretty good auto-follow strategies out there. Financial advisors are good at helping you figure out your personal financial strategy. They work qualitatively.

  16. Well, I decided to leave a review, suddenly it will be useful to someone. I had experience working with other brokers, and at first, they lay softly, lure with bonuses, and the first deposits and withdrawals go with a bang. But when you start making impressive deposits, this is where the problems begin, fortunately, all this is in the past, because I found Wollflex. I consider the advantage of Wollflex is the work of the platform. I am scalping, I care about the speed of execution, which this broker can boast of. This is a significant advantage for the broker. I trade and withdraw funds. Everything is fast. If you want to save your nerves and money, then you will like trading with them. All success and good profit!

  17. I had a great experience of interacting with this brokerage company. Since I started earning, I wanted to understand how finances work, how to increase them, create capital, buy valuable things, securities that are becoming more expensive and the like. It is very good that my parents gave me at least basic financial literacy in this regard, and later I learned that there are investment companies, in other words, intermediaries with which you can buy shares of large corporations. Having opened an account with Wollflex, I began to receive more and more new necessary information, which helps me to earn money to this day. The broker’s approach is as simple and clear as possible: our goal is to earn money together with you. And so far I am convinced of this again and again.

  18. I like to read reviews myself and decided to write about Wolflex. I already had some trading experience with another broker, but then I went into hard minuses. Well, it doesn’t matter, time has passed. I saw a wollflex ad and signed up. Moreover, customers seem to respond loyally to them. With a broker, I want to try to “recapture” missed opportunities and, in general, reach a new level of trading. Now is a good time for trading, times are turbulent. On the one news, it is possible to lift normally. In general, there is a mood.

  19. The best broker I have ever used since 2015! Their only minus is the lack of their own processing of cards and periodic delays in the withdrawal, otherwise it is perfect!

  20. With a broker you will not disappear at any time. I mean that there is always something to invest in, regardless of the situation on the markets. There are a lot of assets, even more than, for example, I personally need.

  21. The staff are extremely friendly. it cannot be ignored. But I don’t like the analytics: they are few compared to other larger brokers. I would like to receive more information, as the guys are sensible.

  22. I have been investing with Wollflex for more than one year. I decided to leave a review in support of the broker, because lately I often come across negative comments on the network. I registered my brokerage account back in 2018. I can say with confidence that Wollflex is a professional broker in the broadest sense of the word. I know at least 4 people who, like me, work with a broker and have not spoken negatively about him for the entire period of work.

  23. For six months of work, there were no negative stories. The broker has existed for a long time, in terms of the level of interaction, everything is up to the mark. Money is withdrawn a little longer than the average happens, but I am ready to endure this under such steep conditions for commissions!

  24. All the main tools are there, plus there are tools for entering international securities without connecting paid monthly tariffs. The position was correct. A broker, as a broker, performs all the functions that it promises

  25. The platform has many state-of-the-art features that turn trading into an intense journey through price movements and news.

  26. I have been investing for a long time. I traded before but wanted to find a replacement for them with an existing broker, as I was tired of a large commission, often there were not enough tools for trading. Friends advised me to go to Wollflex. In general, I did not regret my choice. A convenient application with a pleasant interface that does not get stupid, a wide selection of stocks and precious metals, favorable rates.

  27. You can trust the broker, the money was withdrawn, everything is OK, unless of course there are minor flaws, but how could it be without them

  28. Always clear and fast execution of orders, normal commissions and service. Analytics – well-written and understandable language.

  29. All these incomprehensible foreign terms and words are all very difficult, since they have courses in which they explain everything

  30. The company may not be bad, everyone has their own opinion, subjective or objective. But in many respects it falls short of the industry leaders, in general, it is average. But that’s not bad either.

  31. One wish, to improve the work of servers, very often the trading terminal, after the update, hangs.

  32. it’s good when you can calmly communicate and learn with the manager in a friendly manner

  33. Really good quality of services, fast execution, and transparent trading conditions, overall this is a great broker.

  34. Trading with these guys is very convenient, so I want to say that this is a good broker.

  35. Good broker for online trading. Managers are friendly and trading is accessible to everyone

  36. Checked and tested, excellent trading signal and good service. I am satisfied.

  37. All services and tools here are convenient and effective, I recommend them to everyone.

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