Tue. Feb 7th, 2023
Украина получит ещё тысячи антенн Starlink

Ukraine reached an agreement with the SpaceX Corporation.

Elon Musk and Ukraine have agreed to exchange 1,000 more Starlink antennas so that they can better fend off Russian airstrikes.

More than 10,000 satellite-based Internet-access devices will be delivered to Ukraine in the upcoming months.

Elon Musk assured that he would support Ukraine.

“SpaceX and Elon Musk are quick to address problems and offer assistance. Musk directly promised us that he will keep supporting Ukraine because he is aware of the circumstances, according to Mikhail Fedorov, the Ukrainian Minister for Digital Transformation.

About 22,000 Starlink antennae have already been delivered to Ukraine since the start of the conflict, enabling Ukrainian troops to remain in contact and fend off Russian strikes.

The establishment of 1,000 so-called “invincibility sites,” or locations where Ukrainians may continue to have unhindered access to energy, heating, and the internet via Starlink antennae, is part of the country’s backup plan.


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