Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Украина собирает $600 000 на восстановление за счёт продажи музея NFT

The government has already sold over 1,200 NFTs

The sale of non-fungible tokens collected approximately $600,000 for the Ukrainian government, which will be used to rehabilitate museums, theaters, and other cultural institutions that were devastated during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

On the first day, the Ukrainian MetaHistiry NFT Museum sold 1282 works of art, raising 190 ether tokens for Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Information.

The money will be used to restore the country’s museums.

The NFT sales are part of a government-led attempt to generate cryptocurrency contributions and funding to rebuild and support Ukraine’s military activities.

Retail traders and professional investors alike are interested in tokens that link the worlds of cryptocurrency and blockchain with the domain of artistic activities.

The Ukrainian government has already received $70.2 million in bitcoin donations, according to the official website. A portion of the funds was used to purchase medical supplies and protection equipment for the soldiers.

The museum is also planning to sell four items of art that can only be claimed by museum NFC owners.

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