Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
UBS заявляет, что богатые инвесторы настроены оптимистично

Investors are optimistic despite economic turmoil.

Wealthy investors claim to be positive about the future even though the markets are tumbling, the war is raging, and a recession is on the horizon.

Up to 59% of rich investors expressed optimism about the short-term prognosis for the stock market, according to a study of investor mood conducted by Swiss banker UBS Group AG.

High demand for goods and services

UBS conducted a poll of 2,913 investors who own investments worth at least $1 billion between September 28 and October 17.

Investors’ upbeat predictions include the high demand for products and services, the end of the coronavirus pandemic, and high corporate profits.

Nearly two-thirds of investors surveyed expect inflation to increase next year; more than half say a recession has already started or will start by the end of 2022, and nearly half have decreased their expenditures.

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