Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Uber drivers received a 50,000 Tesla as part of a Hertz deal.

Hertz placed a world-record-breaking order, prompting the agreement.

Uber drivers in the US will be able to offer Tesla Inc. electric cars leased from Hertz Global Holdings Inc. beginning Nov. 1.

Hertz, which just placed a record order for 100,000 Tesla cars earlier this week, will deliver up to 50,000 electric cars to company drivers by 2023, according to the Uber Technologies Inc. website.

The states where the rentals are available are California and Washington.

Initially, the cars will be available through Hertz’s rental program in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Washington, D.C., with a nationwide rollout expected in the coming weeks.

“This will be the largest increase in the use of electric vehicles in the transportation sector. Previously, Uber drivers had to provide and maintain their own electric vehicles “According to the organization.

Just four months after emerging from bankruptcy, Hertz is shaking up the rental car market by expanding its electric car and mobile technology offerings. Tesla’s market value increased to more than $1 trillion as a result of the $4.2 billion order from the Florida-based company.

“According to the agreement with Uber, Tesla rentals will start at $334 per week and go up to $299 per week or lower as the program progresses. Drivers must have a 4.7 star rating or higher and have completed at least 150 trips to be eligible to participate “Uber claims to be correct.

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