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Trading 212 Отзывы

About company:

Trading 212 is an internet brokerage firm whose mission is to make stocks and FX trading more accessible to the general public. Even though they provide a solid service, they have enough flaws to make most traders prefer alternative brokers. The trading app has a customer satisfaction rating of only 1.1 stars, suggesting a significant degree of unhappiness.

Trading platform

This brokerage service’s trading platform is one of its most powerful features.

The software is incredibly easy to browse and offers a vast range of functions, charts, and analyses without appearing cumbersome or cluttered, and it is optimized for mobile users. The ability to place trades in several ways and conduct multiple operations with the same trading pair is a unique feature.

Some investors may prefer the more sophisticated or feature-rich platforms offered in MT4, but the custom-built trading software will be appreciated by many more.

Traders may use the trial account to try out several platforms and choose the one that best meets their needs.


The firm boasts a huge portfolio of over 1800 tradable assets.

These include over 150 Forex pairs, a wide range of cryptocurrencies, as well as more traditional asset types such as indices, stocks, and commodities.


Although not the finest on the market, the business offers pretty narrow spreads. Other brokers provide trading at a lower cost. Some assets have better spreads than others, whereas cryptocurrencies have competitive spreads.

The broker provides risk-free trading in a variety of asset classes. This is a standard practice among top brokers. They do, however, impose a currency conversion fee, which is not uncommon.

The brand, however, abruptly increased margin standards to 50% towards the end of 2020. As a result of this sudden development, traders are left with a lot of ambiguity regarding their capital needs.

Trading 212 Отзывы

Mobile applications

For mobile users, the company provides a dedicated app (available on iOS and Android). It has complete functionality, including the ability to trade right from visualizations, which is something that few other mobile applications offer. The user interface is fantastic, with easy navigation and a well-designed data display.

It is simple and quick to download. As a result, the program was created with active traders in mind and is among the finest in the market.

Payment Methods

The company accepts several different payment methods, including bank transfers, credit, and debit card transactions, and several other digital wallets. The website’s FAQ section has all the specifics, but most major payment methods are accepted. Money can be withdrawn immediately to your bank account (though there are minimum withdrawal limitations), and it should arrive in 2-3 business days.

Demo account

Users may switch between “real” and “study” accounts with ease, avoiding the need to register two distinct accounts. The setup is simple; it takes less than a minute to create and establish a new account. Real and training tools may be “swapped” on the same account, making it simple to utilize both.

Offers and promotions.

The company provides a variety of services to its clients, including an up-to-date economic calendar, extensive (but succinct) technical analysis for each asset traded, daily news updates, and a variety of educational films and written guides that teach key trading concepts. Concepts, images, and analyses are all included. Users may find additional information in the vast forums, and the FAQ section is well-organized and informative.

Regulation and licensing

Trading 212 complies with all current EU legislation. They are regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom and the FCS in Bulgaria, making them one of the most well-regulated online brokerage firms available.

This implies that all deals on Trading 212 are completely licensed, and users may feel safe conducting business there. The title of “most popular trading app” brings with it a certain amount of journalistic scrutiny. As a result, the firm maintains strong financial controls and safeguards to guarantee that it complies with all current rules.

Additional features

To supplement its core trading application, the company also provides a variety of other functions. A detailed economic calendar, daily financial news updates, and an in-depth learning section with detailed explanations and tutorials on how different elements of trading work, summaries of key industry concepts and terms, and guides on how to use charts to perform analysis are just a few of the features.

Account types

Technically, the company only has one account type, which means that all users’ fees, charges, and leverage are the same. This corresponds to the company’s goal of “democratizing commerce.” All transactions are commission-free, and switching between “demo mode” and “real mode” is straightforward; the only difference is the deposit amount.

Pro account

“Professional” accounts are available at Trading212. In return for surrendering regulatory protection, regulated users can have access to higher levels of leverage. Traders can apply for a pro account when they establish an account, but they must satisfy certain requirements (trading experience, trade frequency, and capital) to be accepted.

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