Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Европейский союз готовится к судебным искам в области технологий

Companies are preparing for the entry into force of new EU laws.

Major tech firms like Google Alphabet Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Meta Platforms Inc., and Apple Inc. are preparing to sue the European Union over new regulations that will alter how the sector operates.

An EU official says there will be litigation.

Technology companies must choose whether they want to have an adversarial dynamic or a more collaborative approach with their European regulators, according to Gérard De Graaf, who oversees digital platforms in the European Union.

Some of the new requirements, such as the DSA’s establishment of a procedure that will permit customers to challenge businesses’ content modernization decisions, will necessitate significant resources and internal restructuring from businesses.

According to De Graaf, businesses are seriously considering DMA and DSA, spending substantially, and getting ready to abide by the new regulations.

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