Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
Tesla сталкивается с увеличением жалоб на "фантомное торможение"

The number of cases of sudden braking has more than doubled

US regulators have boosted their examination of Tesla Inc., after receiving 758 complaints about cars manufactured by the company that abruptly brake at high speeds.

The number of complaints about sudden brake applications in Tesla vehicles manufactured between 2021 and 2022 climbed from 354 to 758, forcing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to request a response from the firm by June 20.

‘Phantom Braking’ Covers Nearly 416,000 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Vehicles

“This is a large number of complaints in a short period of time, and it signals that the NHTSA investigation has to be ramped up,” said Michael Brooks, the Center for Automotive Safety’s Acting Executive Director and General Counsel.

Other investigations into Tesla vehicle technology are being conducted by the NHTSA. In August 2021, it began looking into a potential flaw in its partially automated driving assistance technology, as well as assessing a firm that allows passengers to play video games on front-center touchscreens.

Tesla has been chastised by members of the National Transportation Safety Board over how its technologies are labeled and whether they provide adequate protection against inattention and misuse.

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