Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Финансовые места - звёзды первого в мире крипто-суперкубка

Spots for FTX, Crypto.com featuring stars like Larry David

The Super Bowl promotional blitz featured cryptocurrency exchanges and other financial services organizations, with many old advertisers returning and a more celebratory atmosphere than the previous year.

In an incredible battle that sold over 70 ads, some of which cost as much as $7 million in 30 seconds, the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23:20.

First Super Bowl to Use Crypto Ads

It was the first Super Bowl to have cryptocurrency advertisements.

Coinbase Global Inc., a currency exchange, created a stir online with an advertisement that included a QR code that viewers had to scan in order to learn more about the movie.

Another exchange, FTX Trading Ltd., featured advertising for comedian Larry David, showing skeptics at historical landmarks.

Basketball legend LeBron James reflected on his history and offered guidance for the future in a Crypto.com video.

“With NTFS, cryptocurrencies, meme stocks, and the rise of retail investors, this is absolutely a different world when it comes to investing.” But, as Andrea Zaretsky, director of marketing for Morgan Stanley’s wealth management group, put it, “the concepts of prudent personal investing remain as true now as they were a decade ago.”

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