Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Акции программного обеспечения станут следующей ставкой на ИИ после Nvidia

Kathy Wood bets on UiPath, Twilio, and Telados Health.

Software vendors will be the next to benefit from the AI craze spearheaded by Nvidia Corp., according to Kathy Wood.

The CEO and founder of ARKK stated, “We’re searching for software vendors that are truly where Nvidia was when we initially bought it.

Tesla is the big game in AI.

Wood is now placing her bets on software businesses she believes will one day surpass Nvidia in size after ARKK reduced its stake in the graphics card maker back in January, missing an amazing surge.

Software providers will get $8 for every dollar of hardware sold by Nvidia, according to Kathy Wood.

Wood predicts that Tesla Inc. will be the leading player in the field of artificial intelligence by 2027 when autonomous technology will cause the company’s share price to reach $2,000 per share.

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