Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Ценообразование Snowflake завоевывает расположение софтверных фирм

Autodesk Offers Consumption-Based Pricing

As economic uncertainty and tighter budgets hasten the transition away from traditional annual or monthly subscriptions and towards consumption-based pricing, business software pricing is beginning to resemble Netflix pricing less and less.

Manufacturers use software including C3.ai Inc. and Autodesk Inc.

Supporters of Snowflake’s consumption model claim that despite the current market slump, new users of their storage and analytics products who just want to pay for what they need are still drawn to them.

For small firms that cannot afford a complete membership to everything we offer, it is a useful tool. According to Snowflake CEO Andrew Anagnost, practically everyone will eventually embrace such a consumption strategy.

As of now, Snowflake seems to be the most venerable figure in pay-what-you-use pricing.

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