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Skilling Отзывы

About company:

Skilling is a global online broker that offers CFD and Forex trading. It was formed in 2016. The platform, which has operations in Spain, Malta, and Cyprus, allows EU and EEA citizens to trade.

The organization has a staff of over 50 devoted engineers, experts, and marketers working directly with their very new CFD trading platform to deliver the greatest experience for their clients. Skilling was founded to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-understand trading platform for everyone.

The company aims to appeal to a broad audience by advertising its trading services as easy enough for novices while still being valuable to more experienced traders.

Trading platform

The company has developed its trading platform, which is browser-based, graphically attractive, and simple to use. The platform is obviously in keeping with the company’s objective, which seeks to eliminate jargon in favor of easily understood trade data. It has over 70 indicators for easy and quick technical analysis. A variety of chart layouts are also available to fit a trader’s aesthetic tastes, as well as complete control over their trading history, account balances, and withdrawal history within the platform itself.

The platform is accessible to practically every computer user because of its browser-based structure, which works with all major browsers on the market. It also works on mobile devices, but specific trading apps for iOS and Android are available.

The ability to compare previous trading patterns to other portfolios, as well as improve the capabilities of traders, are among the most recent developments. Traders now have faster access to data, more customizable aspects, a set of filters, and market research to assist them in swiftly finding the proper trades.


The company provides a diverse choice of assets to trade, making it a particularly useful platform for traders who wish to branch out beyond the fundamentals and attempt new markets or options, such as:

  • 73 different currency pairs to choose from.
  • Cryptocurrencies are digital assets.
  • Over 15 different indexes to choose from.
  • Gold, silver, oil, and gas are among the commodities available.
  • Over 300 CFD equities to choose from.

Although the exact range of trades available may change over time, the platform has continuously provided diversity in the trades it offers, making it the choice online CFD broker for traders wishing to diversify their portfolios.

Skilling Отзывы

Spreads and commissions

All transfer fees are fully and correctly stated. According to a recently modified model, the business currently provides relatively low spreads starting at 0.7 pips on normal accounts, while premium accounts with a $5,000 minimum deposit employ a spread starting at 0.1 pips and a tiny cost of 0.006%, according to a recently modified model.

Withdrawal costs have just been abolished, so they are no longer applicable.

Dormant accounts that have been inactive for more than 12 months will be charged a €10 fee, which is clearly stated on the website. Currency spreads are particularly attractive, with Bitcoin (0.2%) and Ethereum (1.6%) among the strongest performers. DASH, NEO, Monero, IOTA, and EOS have just been added to the list of cryptocurrencies available for trading.


The firm makes trading accounts easy for its platform by offering two account forms: a primary standard account and a secondary premium account.

According to ESMA rules, the maximum leverage for these accounts is 1:30. To maximize leverage, experienced retail clients may request the status of “Professional by Choice”, which will allow them to trade with higher leverage under applicable laws and regulations.

Mobile applications

For iOS and Android, the broker provides a specialized trading platform. Apps are designed to mimic the browser-based platform, allowing for smooth switching between devices and PCs. Integration with cTrader It also announced the Spotware cTrader platform’s integration. Account users may now switch between the Skilling Trader and the cTrader platforms using the same account.

“One account” refers to the capacity to administer two platforms from a single account. Without the requirement for two balances, funds may be utilized to trade on any platform. This will be supplemented by more mobile app updates throughout the year.

Payment Methods

The broker accepts all of the standard payment methods, giving traders a wide variety of options when it comes to funding their trading accounts. Standard Skilling accounts require a minimum investment of 100 EUR, GBP, USD, or 1000 NOK, SEK, whilst premium accounts require a deposit of 5000 EUR, GBP, USD, or 50,000 NOK, SEK.

The firm accepts a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers using the Trustly platform, VISA or Mastercard debit or credit cards, and alternative electronic payment methods like Skrill or Neteller. New payment options, such as Swish and Klarna, are added regularly. regular payment via cryptocurrencies or other platforms like PayPal at this time.

However, many online brokerage platforms follow this norm, so it’s not strange that the payment alternatives are restricted to the ones listed above.

It’s also worth noting that putting money into a Skilling account incurs no additional fees, regardless of the payment method utilized.

Demo Account

The online broker’s trading platform, like many other currency trading platforms, offers a demo account for those who want to test a broker without risking their real money. This demo account comes with a $10,000 virtual balance so that potential clients may get a sense of the platform’s capabilities.

After registering, you will be given access to a demo account with no expiration date, allowing you sufficient time to see what the company is capable of. Potential clients may sign up for a demo on their website, and after completing account verification, they can quickly upgrade from a demo to a full account.

Offers and promotions.

Due to tight regulatory requirements imposed by CySEC, online brokers in EU/EEA nations are no longer permitted to give any form of incentive or promotional offer to new clients. Skilling, on the other hand, focuses on making their payments visible and useful in their design, making their platform immensely more appealing.

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