Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Сингапурский банк расширяет торговлю криптовалютой для состоятельных клиентов

The bank permits broader use of the DBS Digital Exchange platform.

The largest bank in Singapore, DBS Digital Exchange Ltd., has restricted access to its bitcoin trading service to just affluent customers.

According to a statement from DBS, “this is because the bank’s richer clients are increasingly choosing ways to invest on their own.”

Bank customers can trade bitcoins, ether, XRP,

Accredited investors will now be able to trade tokens including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and XRP in the DBS Treasures category, which requires SGD 350,000 ($246,000) in assets to invest in.

With a minimal investment of US$500, almost 100,000 of these clients in Singapore will have access to the services. Only family offices, corporate and institutional investors, and clients of DBS Private Bank and DBS Treasures Privat Client were able to use this service in the past.

The overall number of transactions on the digital exchange doubled between April and June, and the amount of bitcoin bought nearly quadrupled, according to the bank.

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