Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Разделение возникает между розничной торговлей и профессионалам

Retail Investors Sell Ether, Institutions Keep Buying

The imminent Ethereum software update has generated excitement in the cryptocurrency community, but there is disagreement on how to position oneself for the alleged merger — individual investors are selling the underlying token while institutions are still buying.

B2C2 trading firm is actively buying Ethereum

Retail investors are a little concerned about another round of market derisking, but given the Fed’s aggressive position, more knowledgeable institutional investors are adding ether when prices are down, according to Miller Tabak & Co.’s chief market strategist, Matt Maley.

The major event should take place in 2019, according to Ethereum’s developers, who recently finished their final pre-upgrade testing.

However, many are wagering that once the refresh occurs, Ethereum might decline as a result of the event. The token has already recovered some of its recent gains, falling by roughly 8% in the seven days leading up to Friday. Speculators were relying on it to continue.

Even though some people are currently selling their Ethereum, the general opinion still favors the merger.

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