Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
SEC притормаживает SPAC-манию среди производителей электромобилей

Young EV companies are audited by regulators

SPAC’s go-public acquisitions were among Wall Street’s favorite investments earlier this year, but they are now being scrutinized from all sides.

Investors began to play more cautiously, discarding more power, as the SEC began to pay more attention to transactions, particularly financial transparency, comments about their future, and the quality of public enterprises.

SPAC and start-up deals confront skeptics

After the merger, many of the agreements fell apart, indicating that market enthusiasm is diminishing.

“The idea that SPAC is a cost to be paid is brilliant. People are learning that bargains they thought were fantastic were not,” said Michael Olrogge, an NYU School of Law professor.

SPAC’s arrangements with electric vehicle startups appear to be tailored to stave off wary regulators and investors. This year, SPAC shares have lost about 12% of their value, while the IPOX SPAC Index has lost nearly 12%.

Electric vehicle firms have been among the most high-profile disasters in the world of SPAC. SPAC’s transactions with electric vehicle companies have been lauded by retail investors hoping to find a new Tesla, which is currently worth $ 1 trillion. Instead, many people have seen a drop in value as governmental scrutiny has increased.

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