Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Robinhood планирует расширение криптографии с новой функцией подарка

Hidden code in iPhone beta

Robinhood Markets Inc. is working on a feature that would allow users to send bitcoin to other users as a gift, following coding seen in a test version of the company’s ios app.

Following the code, this functionality will allow bitcoin to be delivered via digital gift cards with messages of up to 180 characters.

A special feature of the gift will be the escalation of work with cryptocurrency

The person who submitted the bitcoin gift bonus can also revoke it via the code at any point before it is acknowledged. Programmer Steve Moser identified the hidden code for this function in a beta version of the app and shared it with Bloomberg News.

This functionality is presently unavailable for customer usage, and it’s unknown when Robinhood will make it accessible, although previous code results have hinted at future Robinhood additions, such as crypto-wallet compatibility. The increase of Robinhood’s work with cryptocurrency will be a particular aspect of the present.

Change reserve investment and the capacity to receive direct contributions early are two more potential possibilities revealed by the code.

While Robinhood will be the first to provide cryptocurrency gift cards, other crypto firms, such as Coinbase, already do. Users can also give coins by sending them across their wallets using regular bitcoin transfers.

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