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Pionex Reviews

Pionex review

A cryptocurrency exchange with free trading bots is called Pionex. Simply activate their bot tools to get started if you have no prior experience with the automated trading or cryptocurrency trading.

What is Pionex?

The first exchange in the world with free, integrated trading bots is Pionex. With a daily trading volume of over $30 million, it is one of Asia’s fastest-growing platforms for automated cryptocurrency trading. The exchange currently serves over 100,000 users through a team of over 100 professionals, in addition to the founder and CEO.

A Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) license is pending, and the company already has a US Monetary Services (MSB) license. Both Binance and Huobi Global have aggregated liquidity engines, enabling bots to match orders and run continuously. In addition to having the support of BitUniverse, well-known Chinese venture capital firms ZhenFund and Gaorong Capital have invested in Pionex.

Pionex Reviews
Pionex Reviews

Why use bots?

Crypto bots are a set of programs and algorithms designed to automate trading in digital currency markets. Market data is interpreted and analyzed according to a predetermined set of rules to select the best opportunities and execute positions. Bots cut down on 24/7 monitoring that may be required over long periods.

The main advantages of using bots in the cryptocurrency market include:

  • Emotionless trading based on data
  • Reduce the chance of human errors or delays.
  • To test new strategies, provide environmental simulation.
  • Follow established rules by working toward consistency in performance targets.
  • Reduce the amount of human interaction and the time it takes to monitor market changes. 24/7

Pionex’s Operation

Pionex distinguishes itself from other cryptocurrency exchanges by offering tools for the creation of free bots that can be used to automate specific methods. Pionex provides 12 free trading bots that are appropriate for both novice and professional traders, and API key trading has shown to be beneficial in minimizing the need to monitor the markets round-the-clock.

Since most bots are complicated and require programming and coding expertise on the part of the user, Pionex bots have a distinct advantage in that no configuration is necessary. The best investors’ bots can be followed using copywriting as well.

Bots Pionex

A set of leading robots is available:

  • Trailing Buy Bot: adds to the position when the value of the asset falls. When the price reverses, the buy stops.
  • Trailing Sell Bot: places trading stops on orders, limiting potential losses in case of sudden market changes.
  • Smart trading bot: uses market trends while putting the account at low risk, buying and selling with fixed or trading stops.
  • Margin Grid bot: makes money without using crypto coins by lending a portion to other Pionex users and earning additional capital for trading.
  • Leveraged Grid Bot: uses leverage with margin credits to amplify the results of the standard grid bot, available at 1:1.2, 1:1.5, 1:2, and a leverage rate of 1:3.
  • Leveraged Reverse Grid Bot: Adds leverage to the standard reverse grid bot to enhance trading results and potential profits. Leverage ratios of 1:1.2, 1:1.5, 1:2, and available 1:3 are available.
  • Infinity Grid Bot is a more advanced profit strategy similar to Grid Bot that uses percentages and has no upper range limit.
  • Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot: A bot for the futures markets that benefit from the difference in market prices between futures and spot prices. focused on increasing annual yield from 15% to 50%A Pionex SAFU Compensation Program of up to $50,000 is also available.

Check out the Pionex bot tutorial on their website to find the best bot for you and your trading strategy.

Pionex trading platform

Pionex has its trading platform, which is compatible with all major web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer. The platform is sophisticated and easy to navigate, with key features including:

  • Coin Rating
  • Real market capitalization
  • Manual buy/sell
  • built-in live chat
  • Charts for Trading
  • Light and dark modes
  • Custom time filters
  • Full history of trading orders
  • fully customizable interface
  • Watchlists, favorites, and live coin stocks
  • Multiple technical indicators, including Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD, and the price oscillator

Mobile app

Pionex has a specific app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices, and it is primarily intended for mobile use. Anywhere you are, you can use the app to construct grid trading bots, DCA bots, and more. To increase your chances of making money, use mobile and tablet devices to manage price gap actions, receive real-time news and notifications, and track strategy statistics. The app’s user-friendly design and high user ratings are propelling it up the leaderboard in the App Store.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Replenishment of funds

Although 40 different digital currencies, including Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC), are accepted, Pionex only accepts payments in cryptocurrencies (BTC). You must not have any fiat money in your wallet while using the program. Additionally supported are stablecoins like USDT, which are an excellent choice for preventing price volatility across exchanges and lowering the likelihood of account capital erosion.

Assets can be sent to a Pionex account through the well-known, regulated fiat gateways Coinbase and Binance.

Although there is a minimum investment order size for each trading pair, Pionex has no minimum deposit requirements, balance levels, or funding fees. From the time of sending, it could take up to an hour for funds to be credited to your account.


Customers can only withdraw bitcoins when making deposits. There is a quantity cap and a withdrawal fee that changes based on the coin. Giving KYC information, however, can raise withdrawal caps.

Pionex Reviews
Pionex Reviews


Pionex provides a safe trading environment that meets the security standards established by US government organizations. Additionally, the broker has over $10 million in investments from prestigious companies like ZhenFund and Gaorong Capital.

The BitUniverse team, an established all-in-one trading bot and portfolio with the largest market share in Taiwan, Indonesia, and South Korea, is the driving force behind the Pionex exchange. This suggests strict accountability and security.

Customer Service

Pionex can be contacted at the email address below, via Telegram, or using the live chat feature at the bottom right corner of the website.

  • Email: service@pionex.com

Pionex also has a FAQ section on the website, which includes topics such as unrealized profits, how to stop a trading bot, insurance and compensation, using a crypto dust collector, and what to do with insufficient investment capital or frozen quantitative balances. Other self-help options being promoted include social media channels and the Discord community.


Pionex is a unique, rapidly expanding cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide variety of straightforward yet complex trading bots that may be used without any prior programming, algorithmic trading, or crypto bot implementation experience. Despite being a new broker, it has strong financial backing, including from two well-known Chinese venture capital groups, and a high level of security. Although novice traders can use the auto-trading tools, there is no way for potential customers to test the broker before investing money because there is no demo account or phone number.


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