Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
OpenAI представляет платную подписку ChatGPT за $20 в месяц

ChatGPT Plus will give customers access to a chatbot even during peak hours.

OpenAl, the research lab behind the virally popular ChatGPT chatbot, is now offering a premium subscription to the service for $20 per month.

“ChatGPT Plus will provide paying customers with access to a chatbot even during peak hours, faster responses to typed queries, and early access to new features,” according to a statement from OpenAI.

Microsoft has signed an investment agreement with OpenAI.

The premium offering is the latest iteration of the emerging OpenAI chatbot strategy, which was released as a preliminary study and met with unexpected public demand, prompting users to experiment with it for a wide range of applications, from everyday and mundane to professional.

According to OpenAI, the next step will be the release of an application programming interface for ChatGPT, which will allow users and businesses to integrate its functionality into their applications.


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