Tue. May 30th, 2023
OneWeb будет использовать ракеты своего конкурента Илона Маска

Russia blocked Arianespace

After Russia banned a deployment planned by French rocket manufacturer Arianespace SA, One Web Ltd. will utilize the rockets of its rival Space Exploration Technologies Corp. Elon Musk to launch satellites.

OneWeb will continue to deploy 220 spacecraft

The contingency plan, which was published in a statement on Monday, would allow OneWeb to continue delivering the remaining 220 spacecraft from a fleet of 648 that was initially intended. The firm intends to use them to deliver low-earth-orbit broadband connectivity to companies and the government.

OneWeb will pay rival SpaceX to create its own Starlink low-orbit satellite system, which has previously launched 2,000 satellites.

On March 5, Russia refused to allow OneWeb to launch on a Russian Soyuz rocket owned by Arianespace unless the UK surrendered its part in the company, which OneWeb declined.

The firm will restart launches this year, according to a statement from OneWeb.

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