Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Netflix закрывает все сервисы в России

Netflix stops its activities in Russia

Netflix Inc., one of the major media businesses to leave the Russian market following the invasion of Ukraine, has shut down its operations.

According to the firm, new consumers will not be allowed to sign up, and it is unclear what will happen to current accounts. In Russia, the service has fewer than a million users.

Netflix joins the companies that left the Russian market

Netflix, which operates in Russia through a joint venture with National Media Group, has joined a growing list of corporations, ranging from Apple Inc. to Ikea, that are suspending or have already ceased operations in Russia as a result of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

The search broadcasting behemoth has already stated that it will not broadcast the required Russian news channels in the nation’s native language, as well as suspend all initiatives and acquisitions in the country, including the development of four original Russian series.

Several Hollywood studios have likewise halted film distribution in Russia.

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