Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Netflix и Peloton останавливают эру пандемии акций

Stocks tumbled on Thursday after slower growth worried investors

Two of the greatest stars of the lockdown era, Netflix Inc. and Peloton Technologies Inc., both fell on Thursday, the newest indication that customers have left the so-called epidemic trade.

Peloton is lowering expenditures to comply with the dwindling desire for its goods, while Netflix plans to attract 2.5 million customers this quarter, considerably shy of expectations.

Pandemic trade falls, although omicron continues to exist

Netflix’s stock dropped 20% at the close of trading on Thursday, and if losses continue on Friday, it will be the company’s worst day in over a generation.

Netflix and Peloton have become the darlings of 2020, with subscriptions plunging to levels not seen since the coronavirus pandemic began. Other firms, such as Zoom Video Communications Inc., the owner of the widely used video conferencing software, and DocuSign Inc., the digital signature provider, are also suffering.

Mainstream news firms that marketed themselves as streaming platforms, such as Walt Disney Co., were also impacted. ViacomCBS Inc. and ViacomCBS Inc.

The irony is that while the risk of Covid-19 hasn’t gone away, with several nations restoring interactive reality and even isolations, the comeback spurred by the omicron form appears to be waning.

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