Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
Фьючерсы на Nasdaq упали на 2% из-за убытков

The downturn in trading on Meta Platforms contributed to the positive close in the US

The advance in global markets halted on Thursday as traders awaited more signs about how swiftly main central banks will tighten monetary policy after lackluster gains from technology giants.

Futures for the high-tech Nasdaq 100 index fell roughly 2% after Meta Platforms Inc. and search service Spotify Technology SA fell dramatically after the close of trading due to negative projections.

Bad reports are a problem for drop buyers

Badly received income statements from US tech behemoths are an issue for dip investors hoping to calm fears of a central bank rate hike.

As regulators cut assistance to control inflation, prices have moved violently and equities have lost ground this year.

Volatility isn’t going away anytime soon. “We expect higher volatility spikes in 2022,” according to Anna Khan, an equity strategist at Walls Fargo Securities.

Markets are expected to trade depending on stated hourly earnings employment and wages, according to Stephen Englider of Standard Chartered, but if the unemployment rate rises, some may see this as confirmation of fears of a slowdown in the US economic.

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