Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Быки Nasdaq видят проблеск надежды в агрессивной ФРС

10-year bond yields jump to highest level ever

A more aggressive Federal Reserve could be a better conclusion for tech stock investors at this week’s central bank policymakers’ meeting.

The US Federal Reserve might convey a message that it is serious about bringing inflation under control, which would dampen the rise in US Treasury rates, the world benchmark for borrowing costs, which reached their highest level since 2011.

Market drop in 2022 eases valuation worries

Inflationary pressures brought an end to the era of practically free money, wreaking havoc on wide swaths of the speculative investment environment.

Cryptocurrencies, electric car stocks, and tech stocks all dropped, plunging the Nasdaq 100 into a severe bear market.

On Tuesday, the Nasdaq 100 rose 0.6 percent, while key tech and internet stocks rose. Despite a tougher macroeconomic background, investors remain bullish about the long-term prognosis for technology, with the market decline relieving valuation concerns.

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