Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
НАСА заявляет, что сбой в запуске ракеты Boeing снова задерживается

Detecting engine failure in SLS rocket

Following detecting a technical problem with the program’s electronics throughout tests, Nasa plans to upgrade the motor controller on its huge SLS spaceship.

NASA further stated that test flight launch dates in March – April will be investigated, with Boeing Co. serving also as contract administrator.

Ways to reduce costs

The optimum way to proceed, following the agency, is to replace a block over one of the four RS-25 SLS engines. Workers assembling the spaceship for launch found difficulties between the rocket’s avionics system and engine number 4 last month and began working to resolve the issue.

During the next generation, NASA wants to return people to the moon by using the Space Launch Vehicle as well as the Orion spacecraft. The probable start date for the SLS-Orion Artemis 1 program’s maiden test mission from around Moon without a crew has already been set: February 12.

The rocket’s prime contractor is Boeing, while Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc. provides the RS-25 engines used in the Space Shuttle program.

NASA has spent more than $ 11 billion on the rocket so far, with an additional $ 4.1 billion planned for the launch of the SLS and Orion capsules.

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