Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
Marathon потеряет деньги на майнинге, если биткоин упадет на 80%

Bitcoin bet is $ 65,000

Bitcoin must fall by 80% before digital token mining becomes unprofitable for North America’s largest cryptocurrency mining business.

When electricity and server expenses are taken into account, Bitcoin, according to Marathon CEO Fred Thiel, breaks even at roughly $6,500.

Marathon Shares Drop This Week

This is clearly a tremendously successful venture. “Bitcoin must fall by 80% before it becomes a bad position for us, so we’re very happy with today’s value,” Thiel added.

According to statistics gathered by crypto derivatives provider FRNT Financial Inc., miners’ daily income is approaching all-time highs. Marathon offers among of the lowest per-coin mining prices; miners earn new bitcoins by solving complicated mathematical equations that safeguard the blockchain network while processing data.

Marathon’s shares dropped approximately 33% this week after the firm reported in its quarterly reports that it had received a subpoena from the US Securities and Exchange Commission questioning a relationship with a Montana data center.

From now until mid-2022, the firm aims to modernize its production facilities, with 130,000 previously bought automobiles expected to be operational. Marathon entered the financial markets this week, raising $ 650 million in convertible bonds.

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