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MahiFX reviews

MahiFX reviews

MahiFX is an international company that works in the field of investments, the trading project itself was opened in 2012 as a direction, but the company appeared 2 years earlier. The company is technological, offers quality analytics and good trading solutions. As a brokerage company, it was originally founded in New Zealand, then opened divisions in Australia, the UK. Trading is offered on hundreds of currency pairs, metals.

Can we call the company honest or is it a fraud?

We have studied this company in more detail and came to the conclusion that the company is indeed an authorized broker by several regulatory organizations. The company has as many as three licenses, the regulators being the world famous FCA, ASIC and FMA.

Therefore, the company has to follow different rules, but the main purpose of these rules is to protect the end user, i.e. the trader defines the company as quite reliable. All cash transactions are transparent, customers keep their savings in equal accounts, the company is also a member of the compensation fund, which will pay customers in the event of liquidation or bankruptcy of MahiFX.

In general, you can say that if you choose to work with MahiFX, you can be sure that the company works in the legal field, you are protected by the regulators and the compensation fund.

The company’s products are

e-FX ENGINE ROOM, all of the company’s products are combined right there. These products are MFX COMPASS, MFX VECTOR, MFX ECHO.

Let’s break down all three of these products:

MFX COMPASS is a reliable trader’s tool for price formation, risk minimizing strategies.

MahiFX Company Overview

MFX ECHO is a three-dimensional analysis tool, where you can visualize liquidity and get pricing policy. MahiFX for individual clients offers a single account, which is independent of trading experience and investments. This account does not have any deposit requirements, no transaction fees are charged, all of which are included in the spread.

As for the spreads, they are not variable and average no more than 1 pip for the most popular currency pairs euro/euro-dollar. There are commissions that carry trades to the next day. Moreover, the value of the swap will be different for each instrument.

Financial transaction options

MahiFX offers different options for funding your account, this is a classic variant of the deposit via bank card or transfer from your bank account. Because this company does not have a minimum deposit, it is conditionally equal to one dollar. This will surely appeal to beginner traders, however, each traded instrument has its own value, so it is better to study carefully this value for each asset before you start trading. The interface of the platform itself is very simple and it will please even the most novice traders even without any experience. There are several options for orders, including a pending order.

The company offers work including the platform from MetaTrader, this MT4, which is known in all corners of the world almost every trader is the most reliable platform of our time. The company also has its own platform MahiFX, which is really competitive in comparison with other Brazilian companies.


The company works in several jurisdictions at once, so it is under constant control of the regulators, which is a definite plus and provides the very reliability and security that traders from all over the world appreciate. trading solutions are very interesting, the platform is quite convenient and the company is always on the client side, especially new clients will like the absence of a minimum deposit size.

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7 thoughts on “MahiFX Company Overview”
  1. the company is on the market for a long already, and i guess they are very reliable

  2. the company is an authorized broker by several regulatory organizations, which means, they are reliable and it is safe to work with them. no worries, you can make your dream profits with them

  3. It was important for me to read the reviews before starting cooperation with them. Isn’t it a scam? Now it is clear what kind of company it is and what it represents. Thanks to everyone who left comments. Now I know that they can be trusted and what can be expected from them

  4. Great broker to work with, deposits and withdrawals run smoothly, spreads and leverage are decent.

  5. What I love about them is their support who is ready to respond at any time. They helped me on many issues, not even affecting my trading process.

  6. There are certainly some difficulties, but damn it, where they are not, the broker is good, as the other leader brokerage companies.

  7. it is a licensed and reliable broker that is really well organized and easy to work with. Convenient trading and withdrawal process.

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