Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Япония одобряет увеличение производства микросхем на $6,8 млрд.

Prime Minister wants to turn Japan into a global chip power

The Japanese government has authorized $7.8 billion in funding for domestic semiconductor investment, reaffirming Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s goal of making Japan a key worldwide supplier of important computer chips.

Funds from the budget will go to the factory for the production of chips Sony

The package, which is part of the fiscal year’s supplementary budget, is divided into three parts: 617 billion yen for advanced chip production facilities, 47 billion yen for legacy manufacturing, and 110 billion yen for silicon research and development. the next generation

Tokyo will use a portion of the 617 billion package to build a semiconductor facility that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Sony Group Corp. are planning.

The approved budget is only the start of increased investment in the industry, with the governing party and the Japanese government prioritizing support for firms ramping up semiconductor production.

Various technological advances, such as 5G wireless, autonomous driving, and the metaverse, need huge computational capacity, and supply chain issues in the previous year have underlined the need to improve internal chip production capabilities.

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