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Who are they?

After looking at their website, it is evident that they are not regulated in any way. This is the central red flag!! This should be sufficient reason for you to avoid investing in them. They also collaborate with websites that provide “auto trading software,” which is a warning sign because such sites are renowned for swindling people.

As a result, Iron Max Group is just another unregulated forex broker, which means that clients are unprotected and are extremely likely to lose their hard-earned money with no regulating agency to hold them accountable.

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How does it work?

Unregulated forex brokers usually operate in the following manner: They’ll phone customers to persuade them to make a small initial deposit, and they’ll use every trick in the book to do so. They will offer bargains that sound too good to be true, such as double your original deposit or earning $100 every day simply by clicking. Please don’t believe whatever they tell you!!! This is a swindle! People go on to a more sophisticated fraud known as a “holding agency,” which will try to extort additional money from you after you make the initial payment.

Мошенничество с Iron Max Group


Because your assets will never be secure with an unlicensed broker, you should request a withdrawal as soon as possible. And that’s when things start to become tricky.

If you wish to withdraw your money, regardless of whether you have made a profit or not, the procedure will take months. You will no longer be allowed to submit a chargeback if they postpone it for six months, and your money will be lost permanently. You will not receive your money back, no matter how many times you remind them or insist on withdrawing it. And if you’ve signed a Managed Account Agreement, or MAA, which basically gives them carte blanche with your account, they’ll move all of your funds, so there’s nothing else you need to do.

How to get your money back?

If you’ve already put money in them and they refuse to return it to you, which is highly likely, don’t panic; there may be a means or two to recover your funds.

To begin with, keep the emails as proof that you asked for your money back and that they either did not deliver it to you or that they delayed the process too long with the goal of not returning your money.

The first step should be to finish the chargeback! And you have to do it right now! Explain to your bank or credit card provider how you were duped into making a deposit for an unregulated trading organization, and they will refuse to reimburse your money. This is the simplest approach to getting your money back, but it is also the most damaging to them. because a large number of chargebacks may jeopardize their connection with payment service providers. We can assist you in preparing your chargeback case if you have never done so before and are unsure where to begin or how to present your case to your bank.


If you sent them a telegram, it is not possible to refund the payment by telegraph. For this step, you need to take the fight to another level. Tell them that you will go to the authorities and file a complaint against them. This will make them rethink the possibility of a return. Another thing you can do is prepare a letter or email to the regulators. Depending on the country you live in, you can search Google to find the regulatory agency for forex brokers in that country. After that, you can prepare a letter or email describing how you were scammed. Be sure to show them this letter or email and let them know that you will forward it to the regulatory agency if they do not refund your money.

Be sure to leave reviews about the Iron Max Group on other sites.

Another strategy to punish them while also preventing other individuals from becoming victims is to submit negative reviews on other websites with a concise description of what transpired. If you have been a victim, please write a review and add a comment in the space below. Also, when these folks change their websites, they tend to phone previous clients, so if you get a call from a new website, leave a comment or email us and let us know. We, as well as families all throughout the world, would be grateful. Also, if you receive calls from other firms, please include their names in the comments section.

Iron Max Group Review Conclusions

The Iron Max Group’s conclusion is actually a pleasure for us, and we hope to save as many people as possible from losing their hard-earned money. A good rule of thumb is to thoroughly research all Forex companies, and any other company for that matter, before committing to any transaction. We hope our Iron Max Group review was helpful to you.

If you want to trade, please do so with a trusted, regulated broker!

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