Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
Падение продаж iPhone может означать большие проблемы для Apple

Serious challenges faced by Apple

Although Apple Inc.’s cell phones have mainly proven robust to the global economic slump, the dramatic decline in weekly iPhone sales in China may be a hint of worse issues to come.

For the third week in a row, Apple iPhone sales in China declined 27% in the week ending October 24.

iPhone sales in China were up 5.7% in Q3.

According to a report by Jefferies analyst Edison Li, third-quarter iPhone sales in China increased by 5.7% while those of Android rivals fell by 15.2%.

The iPhone used to be a bright spot; it is now less brilliant, and recent research suggests that it may eventually become an even poorer spot. This is a declining overall trend for the smartphone market, but it’s especially problematic for the supply chain for the iPhone, according to Li.

China’s smartphone shipments declined by approximately 21% in August, according to official figures, and Chinese consumers have already purchased fewer iPhone 14 smartphones in September than they did a year earlier.


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