Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Intel оседлала волну «Сделано в Америке» и получила большой прирост акций

As the business increases its U.S. chip manufacturing capacity, Intel Corp., the best-performing stock on the semiconductor index of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange over the past month, is considered both a relative play and a possible winner from geopolitical concerns with China.

In comparison to Nvidia Corp.’s about 5% decline and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange semiconductor index’s growth of less than 2%, the chipmaker’s shares have increased nearly 20% over the last three weeks.

The chipmaker is constructing and expanding facilities in the United States and Europe, which might be advantageous if already tense relations between the United States and China worsen. This would give other businesses more reason to utilize the chipmaker as a third-party manufacturer.

Although Intel is valued highly, its growth prospects are unimpressive. This year, revenue is predicted to shrink by 17%, worse than the 8.6% loss Bloomberg Intelligence anticipates for the semiconductor industry as a whole. While Intel anticipates revenue growth of 12% in the upcoming fiscal year, this falls short of the overall 15% increase anticipated.

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