Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Google won't fund sites and YouTube videos that deny climate change

The Internet behemoth’s quest to expose environmental conspiracies

Google Alphabet Inc. will restrict ads and stop funding material that contradicts scientific consensus on climate change, taking yet another step toward sifting out the environmental opinions it has advocated for years.

Google advertising, as well as websites and YouTube videos that employ Google ads, are no longer allowed.

Google has released a collection of maps that are beneficial to the environment.

According to the corporation, the new guidelines will apply to “any information that denies human contributions to global warming or believes climate change is a hoax or scam.”

False climate movies on YouTube, which Google owns, garnered more than 21 million views in 2020, according to a poll conducted by the NGO Avaaz. Following the news, lawmakers decided to file a lawsuit against Google, which had previously boasted about its environmental achievements.

Earlier this week, Google unveiled a raft of environmentally friendly updates to its search, mapping, and other services. Both YouTube and Facebook have taken steps in recent years to remove climate doubters from their platforms.

The new rule was drafted with the assistance of experts from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and it will take effect in November.

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