Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
Google сворачивает сервис потоковой передачи игр Stadia

The streaming service fails to catch on with gamers.

Nearly three years after its inception, Google Alphabet Inc. said that it would stop supporting Stadia, a controversial cloud gaming service.

Stadia was Google’s attempt to compete with the major gaming console vendors with its platform. Stadia, in contrast to conventional consoles, lets people play games on Android phones and the Chromecast TV app.

Google will refund money for the purchase of equipment and games.

Stadia’s approach to game streaming for customers has a strong technological foundation, but it hasn’t proven to be as well-liked by users as we had hoped. As a result, we have decided to phase out our streaming service, as stated in a letter from Stadia Vice President and General Manager Phil Harrison.

Up until January 18th, players can access their game library and play. Harrison stated that Google will pay Stadia back for any hardware, games, and extra content purchases made through the Google Store.

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