Wed. Dec 7th, 2022
Google is going green with services like search and maps

The search engine giant is incorporating eco-friendly features into its shopping and travel services.

A rush of improvements from Alphabet Inc. Google on Wednesday included environmental features for shopping and travel, all geared at encouraging people to make more ecologically sound decisions.

Google is also changing its climate change search results, showcasing selected articles from research and news organizations.

A service for city traffic signals is now being tested by Google.

During a virtual presentation, Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive officer, remarked, “These decisions may seem little individually, but when you multiply them together in our products, it will contribute to a massive revolution throughout the planet.”

Pichai has already stated that over the next decade, Google will reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and generate sustainable energy jobs. New cost-effective route alternatives on Google Maps, according to the company, could save up to $1 million tons of carbon emissions per year.

The Google Next thermostat owners can now sync their devices with available renewable energy on the electric grid, according to Wednesday’s improvements. However, because the business does not release sales data for the Next gadgets, it’s difficult to determine how many individuals would be affected.

Google is launching a whole new data processing service to assist local governments in improving the efficiency of traffic lights. At a press conference, Kate Brandt, Google’s director of sustainability, revealed that “trials of the service in four Israeli cities resulted in a 20% reduction in automobile fuel use.”

According to her, the service is being tested in Rio de Janeiro and other locations across the world. Brandt also promised Google’s cloud computing and advertising partners future environmental improvements.

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