Tue. May 30th, 2023
Хедж-фонды экс-руководителя Goldman очищает все деньги, связанные с Россией

The fund decided to buy out the affected capital

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ex-Goldman Sachs CEO Ed Eisler’s hedge fund has returned all Russian-related funds as the investing business separates itself from firms or persons subject to sanctions.

The fund was subject to verification by investors

As a consequence of the Fund’s Board’s decision to buy out any capital affected by US, European Union, and UK sanctions, Eisler Money no longer has direct or indirect access to Russian capital in any of its funds.

“The refund was completed in a timely and organized way.” In satisfying its legal, regulatory, and fiduciary duties, Eisler Capital will continue to uphold the highest standards,” the business stated in a statement.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and accompanying sanctions aimed at financially isolating the nation, Ed Eisler was one of the first hedge funds to sell Russia-related assets.

Earlier this year, the business, which was created in 2015, controlled an estimated $4.3 billion. According to the memorandum, none of the sanctioned entities has ever had an economic stake in Eisler Capital.

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