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Finding the broker that’s right for you requires a lot of research. Hundreds of online brokerage companies are now competing for every potential client. Check out our reviews for the pros and minuses of different brokers.

Finding the best broker who has the ability to quickly execute trades, a reliable trading platform and who can be trusted with your funds is a difficult task. There are other nuances that you should be aware of, such as whether the broker offers bonuses for opening an account and other features such as mobile trading and market alerts via SMS and more.

Basically, you need a broker you can trust to manage your money and your trades so that you can trade the financial markets without any problems. In any case, to simplify the broker search process, this review covers most of the key comparison points between brokers so that you can choose the best one for you.

We’ll go over some of Golden Stanley’s criteria and reviews.

Regulated by Golden Stanley? – Yes.

Most brokers are subject to regulation by financial regulatory agencies, regulation gives you the confidence that the broker’s operations are controlled by an independent body in order to maintain the integrity of the business.

Where is Golden Stanley’s main office located? – Great Britain.

The most advantageous location should be reserved for UK brokers as London is the center of the foreign exchange business.

Data security of Golden Stanley

Golden Stanley uses encryption all data entered into online forms using industry standard SSL encryption and uses secure data storage.

Trading Spreads of Golden Stanley

Many day trading strategies fail in the long run if your account does not have access to competitive dealing spreads. Golden Stanley spreads do not exceed five pips for major currency pairs, with wider spreads often seen for minor and exotic currencies.

Fees and charges of Golden Stanley

Golden Stanley does not charge any fees per transaction when withdrawing funds or making a deposit.

Order types of Golden Stanley

Golden Stanley works with underlying market, stop and limit orders, and offers support for OCO (one cancels the other) and trailing stops.

Currency pairs

Golden Stanley offers all currency pairs and access to precious metals such as gold and silver, in addition to oil.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit for you to start trading at Golden Stanley is $ 200.

Account types of Golden Stanley

Account types vary considerably at different brokers, Golden Stanley has mini accounts for new traders with a low minimum initial deposit, standard accounts for more experienced traders with moderate deposits, and finally VIP accounts for larger initial deposits.

Leverage of Golden Stanley

The maximum leverage at Golden Stanley is 1 in 400, which means that you can control some part of the position with a certain amount of funds allocated for it.

Margin requirements of Golden Stanley

In spite of foreign exchange transactions are exchanges rather than purchases of assets such as stocks or commodities, changes in the exchange rate create credit risk to the counterparty, which represents a gain on the transaction. As a result, most brokers, including Golden Stanley, require their clients to place a certain amount of funds in the deposit to cover such potential losses. This is known as the broker’s margin requirements.

Trading platforms of Golden Stanley

Most of the top brokers, including Golden Stanley, offer their own proprietary trading platforms that you can use to execute forex transactions and monitor the market. They usually take the form of web platforms that are accessed through your Internet browser, or client platforms that you download, install, and run on your personal computer.

Mobile trading of Golden Stanley

Some traders require the convenience of trading and keeping in touch with the market through their cell phone or other mobile device. 

Algorithmic trading of Golden Stanley

Traders increasingly want to automate their trading plans or algorithms in order to free up time for other purposes. They often do this by using a programming language to record the decision-making process in an algorithmic format that can then be automatically executed by trading platforms and Golden Stanley supports this capability.


Golden Stanley uses an electronic communications network to provide its clients with price quotes and trading opportunities. 

CFD – Contracts for Difference

CFDs are very popular in online trading these days. These CFDs offer traders (and brokers) several advantages that make them very attractive.

Golden Stanley Alerts

Golden Stanley offers its clients SMS or other types of market alerts, having studied the reviews of Golden Stanley, we concluded that this is important for inexperienced traders.

Support of Golden Stanley

After reviewing Golden Stanley’s reviews on customer support, we came to the conclusion that the company has room to grow and what to improve in this direction.

Information resources of Golden Stanley

New traders often require educational materials about the financial market and trading in general in order to start trading correctly. If this is important to you, please be aware that Golden Stanley can provide you with these resources.

Access to the Golden Stanley dealing office

Some traders like to talk to a personal manager or broker analyst to get inside market information and advice. Others like to be able to make transactions over the phone. If any of these options matter to you, then Golden Stanley will provide you with access to a dealing center.

Managed Accounts of Golden Stanley

There are three types of managed accounts: individual, pooled and PAMM accounts.

Pros and minuses of Golden Stanley

According to reviews, Golden Stanley attracts active traders with low shares prices, a modern trading platform, a large selection of tradable assets, including foreign shares, and low margin rates.


       Great choice for investment.

       Strong research and tools.

       Pro account users receive a few hundredths of a percentage point discount on margin.


       The site is difficult to navigate.

Commission for inactivity in the Pro account.

Complete overview of Golden Stanley

Golden Stanley has long been a well-known broker for active traders, and in 2020 the company has created a new level of service for social clients.

For social trading, you will get a huge number of free trades in stocks and ETFs listed on exchanges. If you are interested in trading options, futures, mutual funds, getting a fixed income and more, you can do it on 135 exchanges in 33 countries depending on your account type, but the trading costs will be the same as a VIP account.

VIP account is aimed at experienced traders. You will be attracted by the price of $ 0.006 per share (minimum $ 2), a state-of-the-art trading platform, an unrivaled range of tradable securities, including foreign stocks, and low margins.

The basic account type has a minimum activation amount of $ 200 and offers fractional promotions. Standart account has no account maintenance fee or inaction. The VIP account charges an inactivity fee, although this can be circumvented if you trade relatively frequently.

Golden Stanley is best suited for:

For new and active traders.

Daily traders.

Margin accounts.

Cryptocurrency trading.

Research and data collection.

International investors.

Minimum investment$ 200
Stock trading costs⦁ Standart Account: Unlimited free trading in US-listed shares and ETFs. • VIP Account: $ 0.006 per share; a minimum of $ 2 and a maximum of 1.5% of the transaction value; bulk discounts are available.
Options trading⦁ Standart account and VIP account: no base commission; 65 cents per contract, minimum $ 2. Wholesale discount is possible.
Fee due (annual, transfer, closure, inaction)⦁ Standart account: no. • VIP account: accounts less than $ 90,000 with payment of $ 15 per month minus any trading commissions; accounts with income less than $ 2,000 pay $ 20 per month minus commission.
Number of ETFs without commission⦁ Standart account: unlimited transactions without commission on all available ETFs. • VIP account: 96 ETFs without commission.
Number of mutual funds without transaction fees⦁ Over 8,300 mutual funds with no transaction fees.
Negotiable shares• Promotions. • Equity shares. • Bonds. • Mutual investment funds. • ETF. • Parameters. • Futures. • Forex. • Metals.
Trading platform⦁ Clients of the Standart account and VIP account get access to a modern trading platform.
Mobile app⦁ The advanced features simulate a desktop application
Research and data⦁ Extensive research offers, both free and subscription.
Customer support options (including website transparency)⦁ 24/7 phone, email and live chat support.

Benefits of Golden Stanley

Golden Stanley’s minimum commissions 

⦁ If you are a social investor, it is difficult for you to outperform the free deals on Standard accounts. But even advanced traders who choose VIP accounts will love Golden Stanley’s low-commission structure and ETFs, favored by high-volume frequent traders at just $ 0.006 per share. The minimum trading commission is $ 1 and a maximum of 1% of the total trade value, including exchange and regulatory fees. The broker also offers tiered pricing to further lower rates: Investors trading more than 200,000 shares a month can pay $ 0.002 or less per share, depending on the volume of trade, although exchange and regulatory fees are additional in this regard. The rates can be even lower for really big traders.

Options trading is also offered at competitive prices for both VIP and Standard account clients, with a commission of 65 percent per contract and no base, plus discounts on large volumes. The minimum commission for trading options is $ 1 per order.

Margin rates of Golden Stanley

Margin traders also benefit from low rates. For clients of VIP accounts, the maximum margin rate is equal to the control rate plus 1.3% and receive an additional discount of several hundredths of a percentage point. For Standard accounts, this is the base rate plus 2.5%. These rates apply to balances up to $ 90,000; rates decline with higher balances. The broker charges a blended rate based on the size of the margin loan and has a calculator on their website to help investors quickly calculate based on their balance.

Equity shares of Golden Stanley 

The ability to buy a portion of a company’s shares, rather than the full price of the shares, makes it easier to invest in companies with high stock prices. This, in turn, makes it easier to maintain a diversified portfolio, especially for investors with small accounts. For example, instead of paying more than $ 575 per Tesla share, you can split that money between different companies.

Trading platform of Golden Stanley 

Social traders who enjoy Standart accounts will find a client portal platform suitable for their trading needs. But Standart and VIP account traders looking for something more modern can now access Golden Stanley’s desktop trader workstation, considered one of the best platforms available for active traders.

The trading platform is faster and has standard features such as alerts, real-time monitoring, watch lists, and a customizable account dashboard. The Investment Strategy Lab allows you to create and submit both complex and simple multidimensional orders and compare up to five strategies.

Other tools include a volatility lab, advanced charting, sector and stock performance heat maps, paper trading, and a mutual fund replicator that help users identify ETFs that mimic the performance of a selected mutual fund but offer lower fees. Golden Stanley Alerts offers personalized alerts for events that can impact a trader’s investment and offers customers free calls with support representatives who are licensed brokers. This is an option worth considering for traders looking for the power of Golden Stanley’s trading platforms along with personal support.

Socially responsible Investing with Golden Stanley

For investors who want to trade, Golden Stanley recently introduced its GS Dashboard, free for all Pro account users. The dashboard allows investors to choose their personal investment criteria from 13 principles (including clean air and water). Investors can also exclude investments in 10 categories, such as animal testing, corporate political spending and lobbying, and also hazardous waste generation.

Mobile application of Golden Stanley 

The mobile app, available only to Pro account clients, is a mobile workstation with advanced trading shortcuts, over 400 data columns, spread execution templates, news, research, charts and scanners. Users can create order presets that prefill order tickets for quick entry.

Research of Golden Stanley 

Golden Stanley provides access to a huge selection of research and news service providers, many of which are free. More than 100 additional providers are also available by subscription.

Choice of investments in Golden Stanley

After studying Golden Stanley’s reviews, we came to the conclusion that it will be interesting for everyone: experienced traders will love the huge selection of products, from standard stock offers, cryptocurrencies and ETFs to precious metals, forex, warrants and futures. A group of retirees will be pleased with an impressive list of no-fee mutual fund brokers – over 8,300 in total – and a respectable selection of 96 fee-free ETFs (and Lite clients can trade all US-listed ETFs with no fee).

Golden Stanley also offers a robotic advisor that charges management fees ranging from 0.08% to 1.5%. The service offers about 80 portfolio options, and 36 of those portfolios require a minimum of $ 200 to get started. (Management fees and minimum account amounts vary by portfolio.)

Golden Stanley is open to international investors

While many brokerage firms are only open to US investors, Golden Stanley is available to investors in 160 countries and territories. As noted above, Golden Stanley opens the door to investments on 135 exchanges in 33 countries, and also allows clients to fund and trade accounts in 23 currencies.

Trading platform of Golden Stanley

Where does Golden Stanley fail?

The disadvantages of Golden Stanley are primarily related to the company’s focus on advanced traders.

Inaction Fees: Golden Stanley caters to active traders and this attention is reflected in the inactivity fees for VIP clients. Accounts with a balance of less than $ 100,000 must have at least $ 10 per month in trading commissions, otherwise Golden Stanley will charge the difference as a monthly commission. Accounts with a capital balance of less than $ 2,000 must meet a minimum trading commission of $ 20. The Standart account does not charge any inactivity fee.

There is a break here for clients aged 25 and under who have a minimum monthly trading commission of just $ 3.

Ease of use of the Golden Stanley website

Golden Stanley provides a wealth of information on its website, but finding and interpreting the information you need is not always easy. For each type of account, different commission and fee structures are defined. In general, the design of the site and its functionality is intuitive, in addition, you can always contact customer support and you will be given a qualified answer to any of your questions.

Is Golden Stanley suit you?

Golden Stanley’s reviews tells us that the company has always been a great choice for traders. Golden Stanley is a strong contender among its competitors.

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  71. I want to share my experience with Goldenstanley.com ! I had no knowledge about Trading and Financial Market when I started working with them. In the beginning I thought that I made a mistake, but after one week when I saw how they were taking care of my account, I understood that I was in a good hands. I am trading with them already 8 month and I am very happy that I`ve chosen them. Thanks to Mr. Peter for his help!! 5 STAR from me to GoldenStanley

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  73. Reviews Golden Stanley

    I want to share my experience with Golden Stanley! at the beginning I was so skeptical, I couldn’t imagine that with 250$ I was able to start doing business. I want to thanks Mr. Daniel for his professionalism and to whole team of GS!!


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