Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
GlobalWafers построит в Техасе завод по производству чипов стоимостью $5 млрд.

Chip production to start in 2025

As the nation deals with the effects of a global chip shortage, Taiwanese GlobalWafers Co. aims to construct the largest semiconductor wafer plant of its kind on American territory for $5 billion.

According to a statement from Taiwanese manufacturer Hsinchu, building on a plant in Texas is scheduled to start later this year, with the first product being produced by 2025.

Chip Funding Act is Top Priority for US Department of Commerce

GlobalWafers said in a statement that the investment “marks the first new US wafer manufacturing facility in more than two decades and fills a critical gap in the semiconductor supply chain.”

While the United States still owns a substantial portion of the equipment used in chip design and manufacture, an examination of sensitive supply chains in the country last year revealed that the industry is heavily reliant on sales abroad, particularly in China.

Up to 1,500 jobs could be supported by the new Texas facility, which can eventually produce 1.2 million plates per month.

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