Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Использование ископаемого топлива в Европе резко упадет в 2023 году

The EU is focusing on renewable energy sources.

The amount of electricity generated by combustion in the European Union will decrease this year as the bloc focuses on renewables to replace Russian energy supplies.

Fossil fuel power generation in Europe will fall by 20% in 2023.

Europe has rushed to find alternative energy sources after Russia cut gas supplies following the invasion of Ukraine, causing energy prices to skyrocket.

This has increased Europe’s reliance on fossil fuels, partly due to the reduction of nuclear and hydropower, and has contributed to an increase in carbon emissions; however, solar and wind power filled the majority of the gap, producing a record 22% of electricity in the EU last year and surpassing gas for the first time.

“Now the focus is on the rapid reduction of demand for gas—at the same time as the phase-out of coal.” This means that a massive increase in clean energy is on the way, according to Ember, a UK-based energy think tank.


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