Tue. Feb 7th, 2023
Ford инвестирует 150 млн. фунтов стерлингов для электромобилей в Великобритании

The company invests in increasing the production of spare parts.

Ford Motor Co. has invested about £150 million ($181 million) to grow its electric car component business in England, marking a significant victory for the UK automotive industry.

By investing, Ford’s transmission factory in Halewood will be able to produce 420,000 electric vehicles annually, an increase of 70%.

The company’s plan saves jobs.

Ford has increased its investment in Halewood from the £230 million it committed to the project last year, and the automaker now plans to launch all-electric cars in Europe by the end of this decade.

Kieran Cahill, vice president of Ford’s European Manufacturing Division, said, “We are highly committed to the UK and will continue to search for opportunities for our continuing expansion.”

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