Tue. Feb 7th, 2023
Илон Маск сужает голосование в политике Twitter до "синих" участников

Musk promised to put all important political decisions to a vote.

Musk has pledged to bring all future political decisions to a vote. Twitter Inc. now only allows paid Twitter Blue members to vote on significant political matters.

The Twitter boss didn’t respond to a poll urging him to leave.

After a significant downsizing, Elon Musk has warned that Twitter is on the verge of bankruptcy and has created a hostile work environment for the surviving staff.

The program has gone from reflecting news to the mainstream in less than two months under his leadership, terrifying advertisers and alienating Twitter’s most devoted creators.

Shortly after attending the World Cup final in Qatar, where more than 10 million people, or 57.5% of the vote, suggested Elon Musk should step down as CEO of Twitter, Musk made a bold resignation proposal.


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