Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Deliveroo запускает рекламу в своем приложении для доставки

Companies can advertise on the order tracking page

Deliveroo Plc. joins the growing number of delivery companies employing advertising to boost sales and profitability by extending advertisers’ access to its app and website.

Deliveroo’s Media & eCommerce platform, which is slated to debut in July, will also offer advertising space for the first time on the company’s order tracking website.

Advertising extension is part of the profit application

The new platform widens chances for consumer brands and is a part of Deliveroo’s effort to become profitable, even though it already permits the restaurants and grocery stores it partners with to purchase advertising space.

According to Eric French, chief operating officer of Deliveroo, “Advertising revenue is a modest component of the firm’s existing model, but it’s also a major opportunity and leverage the company can utilize to raise net revenue.”

According to him, companies would be able to include samples and other materials with consumer orders for groceries and food from Deliveroo’s outlet kitchens or fast food restaurants.

The new service will debut in the UK before branching out into more markets.

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