Tue. May 30th, 2023
Damac инвестирует 1 млрд. евро в технологии Германии

Damac is interested in investing in data centers

As part of the growth of the Dubai-based technology company, billionaire Hussein Sajwani’s Damas Group is investigating a €1 billion investment opportunity in Germany.

According to the statement, Damac is looking for partners and interested in investing in data centers and technology.

Private company specialized in real estate in Dubai

I’d like to investigate and learn more about the numerous opportunities and potential I see, particularly in East Germany,” Sajwani added.

Private corporation Damac, which specializes mostly in real estate in Dubai, is expanding into industries including technology and fashion.

The business purchased the Swiss producer of luxury jewelry in May and Roberto Cavalli SpA, an Italian fashion house, in 2019.

Damac Edgnex is a provider of digital infrastructure for data center investments that Damac founded in 2021.


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