Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Crypto Selloff привлекает биткоин-фонд к рекордной скидке

GBTC share price exceeds 21% of the value of the underlying coins

The monthly cryptocurrency sell-off was indeed difficult for Grayscale Btc Trust investors.

As BTC had lost about 32% since its Nov peak, the $ 30 billion assets had lost roughly 37%, taking its contrast between both the GBTC stock value as well as the investment value from its bitcoin to a negative 21% at Friday rates.

Discounts are related to the structure of the fund

GBTC does not enable redemption, along with most typical marketplace funds, which implies that assets cannot be constantly replenished to balance demands.

Instead, the tract’s investors should raise capital on the second-hand and market, which magnifies the discount anytime currency’s value drops.

In recent months, Crayscale has ramped up the operations in response to tiny hints that its SEC’s posture had shifted.

The asset management wrote a letter to regulators last week requesting approval for the GBTC change, while Coinbase Global Holdings Inc., the fund’s custodian, sent a similar petition on behalf of Grayscale.

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