Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023
Компании исправляют уязвимость в программном обеспечении

The exploit in the Log4j program was named the most dangerous in recent years

The world’s largest corporations are being compelled to patch one of the most significant software problems in recent memory, according to experts.

A weakness in the Log4j program might offer hackers unrestricted access to computer systems, forcing the US government’s cybersecurity agency to issue an urgent warning.

Products from Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare are in danger

Last week, Microsoft Corp. and Cisco Inc. published a perfect bulletin with a patch for this vulnerability; nevertheless, addressing the issue is contingent on the requirement to install a repair before it can be used.

“This is most likely the worst security weakness in at least ten years, if not more,” said Charles Carmuckle, CEO of Mandiant Inc.’s cybersecurity technology division. Over the last several days, the business has received requests for assistance from several significant corporations.

Because flawed computer code is incorporated in numerous sorts of software and fixing it is a lengthy procedure, the Log4j vulnerability allows hackers to take control of the system.

“To be clear, this vulnerability is quite dangerous. “Software suppliers must identify, repair, and patch a wide range of goods that employ this software as soon as possible,” said Jen Easterly, director of the US Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency.

“We are taking considerable measures to resolve this vulnerability and identify any dangers that may be related to it.” “This vulnerability has been cataloged by CISA, and federal civilian entities in the United States are required to remedy it immediately,” she added.

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