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CoinTiger Отзывы

About the company

CoinTiger is a Singapore-based centralized cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of spot cryptocurrencies and crypto pairings. Frank Ling owns the exchange, which is managed by a development team based in Singapore, South Korea, and China. It debuted in December 2017 and has quickly grown to over 2 million users in over 100 countries by mid-2019.

The exchange also has its own TigerCash coin (TCH), which is a decentralized Ethereum-based blockchain asset. Its price has largely varied between $0.03 and $0.005 since its introduction, with a brief, sudden peak of $0.072 in May 2021.

Exchange platform

On the CoinTiger web exchange site, customers can purchase cryptocurrencies. Users can choose between basic, advanced, and convertible interfaces. The only difference between the basic and sophisticated interfaces is their presentation and look. Both offer charting, charting tools, analysis features, daily volume, order books, and order history, as well as market (user-controlled) and limit (price-specific) orders. A chat component for chatting with other traders is included in the base interface, as is an API for building up the system.

Trading futures

Users can also buy futures contracts for the value of several cryptocurrencies on CoinTiger’s futures trading tab. Futures contracts, like CFDs, can be purchased long or short, with a profit equal to the difference in the asset’s value when the transaction is closed versus when it is opened. The leverage on the firm’s futures contracts is up to 1:125, with the offered rate based on the position’s worth. Higher leverage rates will necessitate larger margin deposits as well as slightly greater trading commissions.

CoinTiger Отзывы

Individual services

CoinTiger Pools is a service that provides tokens in which currencies are used as collateral on the blockchain and receives a commission for network operation. To take part, you must first create an account and ensure that it is an investing account rather than a trading account. There are a variety of pools to pick from, each with its own annual return, minimum initial investment, and staking token. The Rocket Service is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) service that allows users to purchase new currency.

Institutional services

The cloud service makes it simple and economical for potential partners to set up other exchanges. The user selects the options and services they require before submitting documents such as exchange name information and any other papers requested. After that, acceptability testing and training are completed, and the exchange is deployed.

The “Apply To List” function allows users to apply to the list their own coins. Fill out an application form with information about the founders, your ERC20 address, and the pair you want to launch with.

Finally, there’s the Lab, which serves as a comprehensive incubator for blockchain projects. The exchange assists partners with consultations, finance, resource listing, and integration. With the support of the labs, TCT, a decentralized real estate platform, and BCG, a worldwide market prediction platform, were both built with the support of TCT.

Spreads and commissions

There is a fee for both maker and taker trading.Makers pay 0.08 percent in fees, while takers pay 0.15 percent, for a total of 0.23 percent.This is comparable to the global average of 0.25 percent.

There are no deposit fees (unless you pay for bitcoin with a credit card, in which case you will be charged a 4.5 percent charge), but there is a withdrawal fee that varies depending on which coin you withdraw.

AFC, SPH, and TCT, for example, are the best on the market. EOS, BCH, and ETC are trading below the market average, while BTC, ETH, and LTC are trading at or above it. The charge for withdrawing fiat currency is typically 3.5 percent.

Payment Methods

You must first create an account before you can begin trading. This is a beginner’s exchange where you can purchase your first cryptocurrency. You can use bank transfers, WeChat Pay, or AliPay if you use CNY. Only bank transfers are available in all other fiat currencies. For Visa and MasterCard payments, there are no minimum deposit or withdrawal limits, but the maximum amount for both is $20,000. You will not be able to withdraw any funds if you use a credit card, but you will be able to deposit between $55 and $20,000. The time it takes to make a deposit is determined by the method you use.

Mobile app

The company has its own app that may be utilized on a mobile device. With charting tools and a broad selection of cryptocurrencies, the mobile trading platform has all of the same capabilities as the web client. On iOS and Android devices, the app can be accessed by searching for “CoinTiger” in the App Store or Google Play, respectively. The software is available as an APK file for Windows and Mac desktops through a third-party app store.

Regulation and safety

Traders cannot be properly protected or insured because the broker is not licensed by any recognized financial authority. Although there have been accusations of attacks in the past, the exchange employs renowned security firm John Wick Security Lab to protect smart contracts and wallets. Users must be validated by giving personal information such as main and secondary picture IDs, as well as address verification from customers, under the firm’s Know Your Customer (KYC) policy. Users must utilize two-factor authentication (2FA) to access their accounts once they have been validated.

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  1. the company’s individual services are pleasing, i like this broker in general, not like the other ones

  2. the company has it’s own mobile app, not all the brokerages have the same trading conditi9ons as they have, so i guess it will be a good cooperation with them

  3. this broker is not regulated, I don’t even know how can people trust any not regulated brokerage firms and their investments. in general, the conditions seems good, but the safety is not at proper level

  4. i like the fact that this broker has individual and institutional services, but a broker without regulation and license is not trustable for me, i wouldn’t advise you to work with them

  5. there is not enough information about the work of this brokerage, they are not as transparent as I can see, please write more if you have an experience of cooperation with them

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