Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Производитель чипов для смартфонов MediaTek видит рост спроса в Индии

MediaTek Inc. expects growth in sales of chips for smartphones

MediaTek Inc., a Taiwanese manufacturer, anticipates sales of processors for smartphones and smart TVs to continue to expand in India’s core market.

“Over the last two years, consumption has risen rapidly, and we expect this trend to continue in the next few years,” said Anku Jain, Managing Director of MediaTek India.

The company competes with Qualcomm Inc. on the world market

MediaTek, which competes with Qualcomm Inc. in the worldwide smartphone chipset market, controls the sub-$200 market and considers India to be crucial to its future growth.

According to Jane, the inclusion of India into 5G air auctions, as well as the development of more advanced wireless services, would increase demand for MediaTek’s high-end chips, generating a large market opportunity.

The worldwide smartphone industry is shrinking due to diminishing demand in China and Europe, but India’s sales are soaring thanks to the rapid expansion of mobile apps and services.

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