Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Сроки доставки чипов сокращаются на фоне ослабления кризиса предложений

Shortages last year hit several industries.

The biggest decrease in chip delivery times in years occurred in September, when delivery times fell by four days, indicating that the industry’s supply constraints are subsiding.

Many are concerned about too much supply.

According to Christopher Roland, a Susquehanna analyst, wait times have decreased across all major product categories, with power and analog ICs experiencing the largest drops.

There are still some areas with restricted supplies, but many chip companies are now worried about the opposite issue: chip supplies are growing too fast.

With the Biden administration, this month adopting new export controls that restrict what US corporations may sell to the Asian country, US tensions with China are also casting a shadow over the future of the semiconductor industry.

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