Tue. Feb 7th, 2023
Китай установил ещё один солнечный рекорд, несмотря на сбой в цепочке поставок

New installations are up 59%.

To reach its lofty climate targets, China expedited the installation of renewable energy sources last year, setting yet another record for solar capacity.

According to the National Energy Administration, the nation installed 87.4 gigawatts of solar energy last year, breaking the previous record of 54.9 gigawatts set in 2021.

Wind turbine installation has slowed to levels seen in 2020.

Due to a supply crunch that increased the cost of solar panels and restrained demand, the price of polysilicon, a crucial component of solar energy, soared to its highest level in a decade last year. Lifting these restrictions might cause China to install a record amount of solar energy systems in 2023.

While China added 44.7 gigawatts of thermal power, which is primarily generated by coal burning, a decrease of over 10%, the total growth of wind and solar energy reached an all-time high.


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