Tue. May 30th, 2023
Китай выбирает города и организации для участия в испытаниях блокчейна

 Tests on the application of blockchain technology

China has chosen 15 local governments and 164 other entities to examine the use of blockchain technology, involving corporations, colleges, clinics, and professional organizations.

 Facilitate data sharing

The program’s goal is to “enable blockchain technology to play a significant role in enabling data sharing, expediting corporate operations, decreasing costs, increasing synergy, and constructing dependable systems,” according to a statement from the Cyberspace Administration.

Beijing, Guangzhou, and Guiyang in the southwest are among the places chosen for testing, which will be done in a “holistic” fashion, while other regions will focus on specialized sectors such as manufacturing, power, legal difficulties, copyright, cross-border funding, teaching, and medicine.

The blockchain-related infrastructure will be integrated and implemented in a balanced manner in the locations engaging in the tests, following the authorities, in order to build large data exchange abilities that match the demands of industrial applications.

The statement underlines that participants in the initiative are urged to employ interoperable and robust blockchain-related hardware and software solutions.

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