Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

Category: NEWS

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BT shares rise

Stocks rise on the prospect of a weekend deal. BT Group Plc. rose 9.5 percent on news that India’s Reliance Industries is considering a takeover bid from the UK’s largest…

Data usage penalty

Italy’s antitrust authorities penalized Alphabet, Google, and iPhone maker Apple each 10 million euros ($ 11.23 million) for “aggressive practices” including the commercial exploitation of user data.The two internet companies failed to offer “clear and prompt information” on how they gather and handle data from their users, according to the authorities.Furthermore, it is said that when users register a Google account, the system is set up in such a way that users must agree the data usage conditions. In Apple’s scenario, users have no choice.According to the authorities, the fine is the maximum sum that the watchdog can impose in these circumstances.

Stock market in 2021

The amount of money invested in equity funds is one statistic that indicates this year’s voracious hunger for equities. Investors put about $ 900 billion into exchange-traded funds and long-term…