Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
Бреван Ховард видит огромную прибыль от цифровых активов

As with the recent rise in online activity, Brevan Howard Asset Management anticipates a possible explosion in digital assets and “disproportionate returns.”

According to Gautam Sharma, head of the hedge fund’s digital investment section, “blockchain and cryptocurrency are transformative technologies whose full potential has yet to be unlocked” in Germany.

At the FERI hedge fund conference on Thursday in Bad Homburg, Sharma stated, “We honestly feel that this is a very revolutionary technology, and it can unleash wealth in many ways. Furthermore, we are here to make sure that our institutional investors can access this market.

An increasing number of asset managers are entering the race to provide clients access to digital assets, even though the regular ups and downs of cryptocurrencies continue to divide opinion. Brevan Howard has already staked a small amount of the capital of his primary hedge fund on them, while billionaire co-founder Alan Howard is investing in cryptocurrencies and other businesses in the space.

“It is crucial to achieve clarity in the law,” Sharma continued. He played a YouTube clip of Bill Gates explaining to David Letterman in the mid-1990s that the Internet was the next great thing, underscoring the fact that these technologies are still in their infancy.

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